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Our Initiatives

Our Initiatives

FatHopes Energy Sdn Bhd, a waste to energy company is now embarking on a green initiate under Ethical Waste Management Practice Program. Restaurants and F&B outlets are invited to participate in this program to ensure restaurant patrons and customers that waste cooking oil generated at their outlets are ethically disposed.
FatHopes Energy’s primary focus is in collecting waste vegetable oil, consolidating, processing it for production of biofuels. The company also operates a biodiesel plant in its premises located at Subang New Village, Shah Alam.

The organization has been focusing in this area for the past decade and has developed robust schedule system for collection of used cooking oil covering the entire nation including East Malaysia. A well maintained wholly owned fleet of purpose designed trucks caters and services restaurants and F & B collection points. Apart from conventional methods, the company offers innovative collection and storage solutions to ease operations within kitchens.

FatHopes Energy is the only organization in Malaysia that ensures that all the used cooking oil collected is solely used for purpose of sustainable biofuel production. The company is certified by European Union Renewal Energy Directive recognized International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC). Under the ISCC annual audit scheme effort and care is taken towards lowering the green-house gases emissions and carbon footprint.

Fathopes Energy’s Ethical Waste Management Practice program aims to create awareness for patrons of participating F & B outlets to understand the importance of ethical disposal of used cooking oil methods which are environmentally compliant and be assured that the waste oil generated at the participating outlets are not recycled for consumption by humans or animals.

Fathopes Energy in its corporate charter guarantees that every drop of used cooking oil collected by its team goes only for biofuel production. The patrons and customers of the outlets will be proud to be part of the program contributing to ethical disposal of waste cooking oil.


Participating Outlets shall fulfil the following criteria:

(a) Sign the International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC) Self Declaration Form on type of waste and its origin.
(b) Shall dispose the all waste cooking oil exclusively with Fathopes Energy for consecutively 3 months or more
(c) Shall have a valid contract with Fathopes for not less than 1 year
(d) Shall declare quantity of new oil purchased for use yearly.

Participation in the Ethical Waste Management Practice Program attest that the outlet:

(1) Disposes used cooking oil / waste oil generated in an ethical manner
(2) Support the green initiative for conversion of waste to biofuel
(3) Is sustainable and socially responsible
(4) Assurance given to patrons /customers that all waste oil generated within the establishment does not go back to the food chain

The participating outlet shall receive a certificate attesting to ethical disposal of waste cooking oil generated at the outlet. The validity of the certificate shall be for a period of not more than 1 year and list of valid certificates shall be published in the registry which will be available on Fathopes website.


This project will be launched in 1st February 2018 and reviewed yearly.

Collaboration with Food Delivery Companies

FatHopes Energy collaborates with various Food Delivery Companies regionally as part of their Eco-friendly Campaign to help reduce the impact on the environment by F&B / Kitchen operations. This is to contribute to sustainable rapid growth in the sector powered by innovative technology.

As a collaborative partner with Food Delivery Companies, FatHopes Energy strives to bring value to your business, by implementing ways to help your business to be more environmentally friendly through proper disposal of Used Cooking Oil with us.

We look forward to your participation with us towards a greener, sustainable future for all.

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