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Integrity, stewardship and transparency form our core business philosophy. Our strength lies in devising and implementing environmentally compliant alternative energy production solutions, this allows investors to independently judge our performance and approach us with their specific needs. We combine the environmental cause with keen business acumen to create models that ensure the constant alignment of economic, social and environmental bottom-lines.

The three pillars of sustainability are inter-dependent and this creates an internal system of checks and balances that ensure the security of your investment. Additionally, we seek to provide every potential investor with sufficient information to understand and comprehend our business model before investing. This reflects our belief that every investor is able to add value to our business model in different ways.


We also request active investor involvement, as time best permits, so that investors are kept abreast with the company’s latest developments. In this way, investors are able to make more informed decisions on fund injections into the company.

Interested investors are invited to get in touch on the various investment opportunities we have to offer. We offer many investors preference shares as a security and to demonstrate our commitment to making sure your investment matures. investors can also opt for active involvement in our operations, on a weekly or monthly basis. Our model is to create value from waste.

We are currently developing a mass-market investment product under the purview of SSM. This investment portfolio is solely run and managed by FatHopes Commodities and the product is slated for a Q4 2013 launch.

This investment product focuses on the financing of research and development on methods, techniques and technologies critical to the expansion of commodities available for biofuel production. Critically, this investment program allows public involvement to help fuel the localized development and production of biofuels.

This is the first renewable investment product of its kind in Malaysia and the region, where the public can play an active role in the biofuel industry - an industry that is still in its infancy, but has great potential.

In light of our transparency policy, we also publish yearly financial performance reports.

Graph 1 : Year 2011 To 2012 Turnover graph