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FatHopes Energy (FHE) was conceived and founded in 2009 by Vinesh, who was running its entire operations long before its inception. Market forces compelled FatHopes Energy  to serve a big demand for alternative fuel solutions that could be used today. This concept blossomed into a multiple-bottom-line business model, which is now reflected in the company’s core motto; Waste to Wealth Conversion.


“FHE believes in constant innovation, and began its journey to provide environmentally-compliant alternative fuels for the mass market. FHE is working towards helping Malaysia depend less on fuel subsidies , thereby promoting an unsubsidized alternative fuel at an affordable price – “We are looking at a holistic, long-term model," says founder and director Vinesh.

A) Organizational Chart

B) Sustainability policy

FatHopes Energy was founded with the three key pillars of sustainability as a solid foundation in its business. These pillars of sustainability are prioritized with economic first, social second and environmental sustainability third. Fat Hopes constantly develops and improves its sustainability policies and guidelines, enabling it to consistently produce high environmentally-compliant products, primarily fuel. As part of the company’s policy, Fat Hopes Energy maintains thorough quality standards and a reputation of high integrity, all the while benchmarking its success against actual carbon reductions.

Thorough monitoring is carried out at all aspects of the company’s operations in line with its strict and regimented internal carbon emissions reduction policies. Apart from FHE’s products being low in carbon emissions, the collection and manufacturing stages of its processes also release minimal emissions. FHE  guarantees that all biodiesel produced in its facility is derived from waste streams, primarily used cooking oil and/or any waste oil streams, for instance palm fatty acids and palm acid oils.

C) Chain of custody reporting

D) Lifecycle of our product

E) Representation in ASEAN and Asia

FatHopes Energy is the sole distributor of a range of modularized biodiesel manufacturing equipment in Asia, quickly growing into one of Malaysia's leading small-scale biodiesel equipment distributors, while remaining focused on securing its position in regional markets. Technology distributed by the company has since reached the shores of most countries in the region, such as Vietnam, Korea, India and Singapore.

Recently, FatHopes Energy has also become the ASEAN representative of a world renowned large-scale biodiesel equipment manufacturer., having also been recognized and conferred several awards over the years, acknowledging their steadfast advantage. The plants FHE distributes are of the highest quality and produces biodiesel complying to and surpassing the EN14214 standard.

F) Investment

Integrity, stewardship and transparency forms FHE’s core business philosophy. Its strength lies in devising and implementing environmentally compliant alternative energy production solutions, this allows investors to independently judge its performance and approach FHE with their specific needs. FHE combines the environmental cause with keen business acumen to create models that ensure the constant alignment of economic, social and environmental bottom-lines.

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