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UCO Collection

FatHopes Energy offers waste oil collection service to a multifaceted and a wide cross section of industries. We pride ourselves in offering the most transparent and environmentally compliant waste oil collection and disposal service in the country and region.

Till date we are the only organization that take full responsibility for your waste oil collection right up till the conversion of the same into biodiesel and utilization of your waste in an engine as a renewable fuel.

This clearly demonstrates our commitment in ensuring you have a peace of mind that your waste oil is going to a legitimate use instead of running the possibility of it being blended into new edible oil sources. As this is widely practiced for the maximization of profit we have devised this solution that will bring multiple benefits to all stakeholders in this proper disposal initiative. For more information regarding the existence of this unethical industry attached a front page news article :

Advantages of appointing FatHopes Energy to collection your waste oil

No Service FHE Others
1 Professional personnel at point of collection
2 Receipt of collection for your proof to the relevant authorities
3 Fully licensed by Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) for the collection waste organic oils, as well as fully licensed under the Ministry of Plantations and Commodities (KPPK) to produce Biodiesel
4 Chain of custody documentation to verify the trail of your waste from point of collection right till the point of disposal by way of being burnt for fuel
5 Certificate of disposal – every collection conducted by us is accompanied with a certificate do disposal after your waste has been fully utilized. Clearly proving that it has no more possibility of contamination
6 Contribute toward the development of a sustainable and renewable industry in Malaysia
7 Inline with our Prime Minister’s call for a 40% carbon emissions intensity reduction by year 2020
8 Aligning your internal policies to be in compliant with stringent and regimented environmental policies which in turn reduce your impact of the environmental significantly

As there is wide scale acceptance for the an unethical industry in Malaysia to exist and continue to blend waste oils into edible oil streams we urge all establishments that use organic based oil to be vary with your current disposal methods.

As there is an established industry for these waste oils the prices that are being offered for the collection of waste oil are in the range of new oil prices. As fuel in this country in heavily subsidized we have been finding it difficult to offer such high prices for waste oils.

Hence we are urging all establishments that deal with organic wastes oil to stand up and agree to sell your waste oil to an industry that utilizes it for a more meaning and not harmful application.

The only way we are going to see a change is if you STAND UP today for proper disposal of waste oils with us – Do your part for our future generations!

We offer collection services to :

A. Industrial Collection

1. Food manufacturing facilities that use vast amounts of organic based oils in the cooking process

2. Organic oil manufacturing facilities, these facilities have large quantities of residue or rejected product that cannot be used in edible oils. Examples of these are palm oil mill effluent, palm fatty acids and palm fatty distillates from the palm oil industry.
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B. Commercial eatery collection (food shops)

Eateries use significant amounts of organic oils in the preparations of food. The left over waste is the waste oil we collect. This service has emerged to offer shop owners an additional source of income direct to the company. Instead of individual chef discreetly selling away this valuable resource you can today opt for us to collect it from your outlet and pay the management team directly. 
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C. Community/Residential/Schools


We offer collection of waste oil services to the above mentioned areas as well, however as each and everyone of the centers that have been set up has been customized to meet the individual requirements, we would urge for you to contact us to develop something similar for your application.
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