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Did You Know?
A. One litre of used cooking oil

Just one litre of used cooking oil can provide enough clean, green electricity to power all of the above. When full, one of our used cooking oil collection tanks can power an average home for an entire year.

Currently, around 8,400Mt (Metric tonnes) of used cooking oil is disposed of by Malaysian householders each year. If we could recover all of that used cooking oil, we could provide enough electricity to power 340,000 homes with one year of clean, green, carbon neutral electricity.

Recycling even a small amount of waste oil really helps to both lower carbon emissions and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.

B. What a waste

Traditionally a sticky waste that is hard to dispose of, used cooking oil causes an estimated RM15 million worth of damage to Malaysia’s drains and sewers each year. Just one litre of used cooking oil is enough to pollute up to a million litres of water. When sent to landfill, oil can pollute watercourses, smother water dwelling plants and spread in a thin membrane over the water, which prevents oxygenation, thereby killing fish and other aquatic life.

Waste cooking oil can even increase the amount of vermin in an area, as they are drawn to protein in the oil. Conversely, when recycled at your local household waste recycling center, used cooking oil becomes a valuable resource once recovered as our B100 Biodiesel. Not only does used cooking oil create power, but thanks to its carbon footprint being ‘locked up’ during the cooking process, it represents an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional fuel sources and helps reduce our reliance on fossil fuels such as gas and coal.

C. Money down the drain

Not only is improper used cooking oil disposal harmful to the environment, it also costs you money. Each litre of used cooking oil tipped down the drain costs you 14 cents through water utility bills. However, recovering used cooking oil into renewable biofuel will, in the long run, saves you money and prevents damage to the environment.