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Bulk Bunker Grade Biodiesel
Bulk Bunker Grade Biodiesel or more widely known as BBG Biodiesel is a one to one replacement of Light Fuel Oil (LFO) and Medium Fuel Oil (MFO) this said fuel can be used in machinery and any and all non common rail engines.

Bulk Bunker Grade Biodiesel

This fuel is also widely used in burners and furnaces as the primary fuel from point of ignition. Heating requirements can also be met with this said fuel as it has minimal emissions and non of the residual emissions have been proven to be harmful. Best recommended for indoor applications as it is the cleanest fuel available on the market today for industrial application


- Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) – 20Mt/ 1 FCL
- Packaging : This product is sold without packing. The product will be prepared and client will have to pick the goods from our premises either by way of tankers or container fitted with flexi bags for the export market

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