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BIORecoil Diesel additive
BIORecoil Diesel additive as a bio-based additive formulated for diesel engines produced from recycled/waste oils. This additive works as an ignition enhancer due to its increase flash point.

BIORecoil Diesel additive

The low viscosity of the oil also contributes to more complete combustion at every ignition. Further due to the oxidation stability characteristic of the additive the additive also acts as a decarbonize for the engine. Recommended blend amount is 1L to a full tank making it easy to administer and to make a routine.

It has been proven to provided added pick up ability, reduce vibrations from engine, lower sound levels as well as a significant reduction in tailpipe black smoke emissions.


- Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) – 1,000 bottles / 20,000 bottles and above for OEM
- Packaging : BioRecoil is packed in 1L bottles – varied sized packaging can be offered to OEM clients

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