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“With a decade of experience, we are able to supply bulk quantities to large manufacturers of biofuels. We offer a range of 100% environmental compliant products that are recovered from waste and residues.

We are fully licensed by MPOB and MPIC (Biodiesel Manufacturing License). Also, as an ISCC EU accredited company, we comply with all standard requirements to supply feedstock under sustainability criteria to the renewable energy industries.

1. Sustainable Biofuel Feedstock

  • PES - Palm Effluent Sludge
  • PFA – Palm Fatty Acid
  • PPO – Palm Pitch Oil
  • PCM
  • UCO – Used Cooking Oil
  • MVO – Mixed Vegetable Oil

2. Biofuels

  • Globally Accepted Standard (EN14214)
  • As we prioritize maximum replacement of Fossil to Biofuel, we are able to offer range of biofuel products:
    • UCOME – Used Cooking oil Methyl Esther
    • FAME – Fatty Acid Methyl Esther
    • PME – Palm Methyl Esther
    • RBDPSME – RBD Palm Sterin Methyl Esther

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