FatHopes Energy is a multi-faceted business that was established in 2010 with the primary focus of developing sustainable fats, oils and grease solutions for the primary purpose of advanced biofuel production. Over the years we have managed to cement our position as a robust and reliable supplier of ready to use biofuels as well as biofuels feedstock to global markets.

The organisation has grown to be able to meet global standards as we regularly supply products to numerous oil and gas companies locally as well as globally. Constantly at the forefront of the sustainable biofuels industry has enabled us to gain trust from the global market and we believe we can bring the same value into your organisation.

We understand the value of building a reliable supply chain which has been at the epitome of our initiatives – which enables our customers simple or easy access to the complex and multi stakeholder supply chain without any development requirements. With state of the art refineries and assets located in strategic locations across South East Asia, we are able to be extremely competitive and are confident to meet and surpass the standard requirements with any challenges.