ISCC Self-Declaration for Points of Origin Producing Used Cooking Oil (UCO)

By signing this self-declaration, the signatory confirms the following:
  1. UCO refers to oil and fat of vegetable or animal origin which has been used to cook food for human consumption. Deliveries of UCO covered under this self-declaration consist entirely of UCO and are not mixed with any other oil or fat that doesn’t comply with the definition of UCO.
  2. UCO covered under this self-declaration meets the definition of a waste. This means the UCO is a material that the Point of Origin discards or intends or is required to discard and that the UCO was not intentionally modified or contaminated to meet this definition.
  3. Documentation of UCO quantities delivered is available.
  4. Applicable national legislation regarding waste prevention and management (e.g. for transport, supervision, etc.) are complied with.
  5. Auditors from certification bodies or from ISCC (may be accompanied by a representative of the Collecting Point) can examine on-site or by contacting the signatory (e.g. via telephone) whether the statements made in this self-declaration are correct.
  6. The information on this self-declaration can be forwarded to and reviewed by the certification body of the Collecting Point and by ISCC. Note: The certification body and ISCC keep all data provided on this self-declaration confidential.

[1] 10 (ten) metric tons of UCO equal to approx. 11,1 (eleven point one) cubic metre / 11100 (eleven thousand one hundred) litres / 2932 (two thousand nine hundred thirty-two) gallons

[2] If this field is marked, it is assumed that the UCO produced by the Point of Origin is (at least partly) from animal origin (e.g. from using lard, butter, tallow, etc.) and that the Collecting Point cannot sell the UCO from this Point of Origin as being “entirely of vegetable origin”. If this field is not marked, this means that the Point of Origin exclusively uses vegetable oil (e.g. rapeseed or sunflower oil) and no oil or fat of animal origin for cooking or frying.

Note: Vegetable oil which has been used for cooking or frying meat and which therefore contains an unavoidable part of animal origin can still be considered as “UCO entirely of vegetable origin”.