FatHopes Energy has vast experience in the area of waste oil collection and has built robust systems around our business processes to ensure the highest level of traceability and accountability across the supply chain.

All of our waste oil suppliers experience the highest level of service as comparison to other market options due to the technology investments we have made and deploy in our day to day operations significantly improving the customer experience. We work on a long term arrangement with all of our vendors / point of origin and prefer to have a holistic relationship as we believe the most important role we have to play is to elevate the challenges that our vendors currently face with the management of waste oil. We believe in the multi bottom line approach where our business model with our vendors must not just make economic sustainability but must also positively contribute towards social and environmental sustainability. We offer an end to end solution for every sector, where pride ourselves with a strong technical team that innovates at any opportunity to provide an improved waste oil management methodology across.


With our extensive experience of over a decade we have pioneered the adoption of sustainability guidelines, requirements and certification as we understand the advantages of a global alignment toward a unified carbon emissions reduction strategy. 

We are not only fully licensed by local authorities within our operating jurisdiction such as Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) and Ministry of Plantations Industries & Commodities (MPI) in Malaysia and National Environmental Agency in Singapore. Apart from this we are also familiar with global certifications systems like the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) as well as, but not limited to talian National Biofuels and Bioliquids Sustainability Certification System and several other such as the REDII and the Low Carbon Fuel Standard for the California market. 

We believe that this is pertinent in a long term partner and we are committed to future proving ourselves to meet and further guidelines and requirements that may arise.